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Truck Driving School

Class 5 And 7 Driving School Victoria

Fishtail Driving school is the best Class 5 and 7 Driving School in Victoria State and the surrounding area. Our instructors are highly qualified and go out of their way to make driving a pleasurable experience for you. We use interactive and imaginative ways as a part of our training. This helps our students learn to drive swiftly and efficiently.

All automatic transmission cars are used at our driving school in Victoria. We are not enough to demand education on standard or manual transmissions to make keeping a teaching car commercially viable.

Class Duration

Our classes are usually 90 minutes long, but the length of the lesson can be adjusted. The class can only be started if both the instructor and the student agree. Lessons typically last at least 85 minutes, with 5 minutes set aside for feedback and questions.

Costs of Our Driving Lessons

We charge a minimum cost to use our vehicles for Class 5 or Class 7 Road Tests, including a one-hour session before the Road Test. Our cars are not available for Road Tests to persons who are not previously attended training with us. We Only offer individuals in-car instructions. Our classes are conducted in a single vehicle with a single instructor.

Hire Us

Get in touch with us as soon as possible if you want to learn more about driving tactics, tricks, and tips. In our Class 5 And 7 Driving School Victoria, our competent, brilliant, highly skilled, and certified instructors will be more than pleased to point you in the correct direction. You can reach us through email or our website.

Our Driving Characteristics


If you want to be a competent driver, you need to know the road rules. Our instructors will teach you about the lights and gauges on the dashboard. On the other hand, in our Class 5 And 7 Driving School Victoria, we teach how the brake system of your vehicle or automobile works.


Our most important feature in driving training is that our instructors know what is happening around them while driving. We do not use drugs or other dangerous substances that can affect driving quality or concentration while resting and driving or driving.


We are mentally and physically healthy to avoid unsafe maneuvers such as being cool and not paying attention to the red traffic lights on the road. Our driving instructors adhere to all driving laws and encourage their students to do the same and valid alternative.


If you want a good defensive driver, you will develop all the technical abilities necessary to drive your car or truck safely. Fishtail driving school can measure their vehicle or automobile through any hazardous circumstance, regardless of how bad the conditions are.

Practical Implantation

We are also facilitating practical work along with theory. Our all in-car lessons will include pick-up and drop-off. Classes begin when the student comes to the car and conclude when the student arrives at the appointed drop-off location.

Follow-Up Policy

We shall phone or text the student if they are not arrived at the agreed pick-up spot 5 minutes after the start time of any lesson unless other arrangements have been established. If any student does not arrive at the agreed starting spot within 15 minutes, the lesson may consider worthless for both instructor and student.

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