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1 Hour Driving Lesson

An one hour driving lesson with Fishtail Driving School would be a comprehensive and structured lesson that is designed to teach new drivers the basic skills and knowledge required to operate a vehicle safely and effectively. The instructor would begin by reviewing the basic controls of the vehicle, such as the accelerator, brake, and steering wheel, and demonstrate how to start, stop, and maneuver the car.

The instructor would then cover important safety concepts such as proper seat positioning and mirror adjustment, to ensure that the student is in the best position to see and react to potential hazards on the road. The instructor may also cover defensive driving techniques such as scanning the road ahead, anticipating potential hazards, and maintaining a safe following distance.

The student would then have the opportunity to practice basic maneuvers such as turning, parallel parking, and backing up, under the guidance and instruction of the instructor. The instructor would provide feedback and guidance on the student’s performance, and offer tips and advice to help the student improve their skills.

The instructor may also cover basic traffic laws and regulations, such as speed limits, traffic signals, and right-of-way rules. The student will also be taught how to handle different types of weather conditions, night driving, and rural driving.

Overall, the one hour driving lesson with Fishtail Driving School would provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for the student to build upon as they continue to practice and gain experience behind the wheel.

Price Services Class 5 / 7
$75 Per 1 Hour Lesson
$390 6×1 Hour Lessons
$600 10×1 Hour Lessons
$200 Road test package including a car and 90 minutes warmup class
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